Pala Manor former residence of Tibetan aristocrats

Pala Manor Shigatse Tibet
Hidden in the small village of Banjor Lhumbo, the Pala Manor is former residence of a noble family, showcasing ancient Tibet. Architecture, objects and photos on display give you an insight into of wealthy family and their slaves over a hundred years ago.

The Pala Family

The owner Pala was a tribal chief in Bhutan who settled in Tibet with his family. He gradually became local official. Thus, the Pala family grew and became one of the most powerful and famous in Tibet. This Pala Manor is in fact one of the 8 pastoral manors and 25 agricultural manors owned by the family. There were then eight aristocratic families but the Pala manor is undoubtedly the best preserved.

The Huge Manor

At that time, this huge and luxurious mansion of 57 rooms laid in a peaceful valley where its enslaved serfs had established their huts. The family had Pala manor of 677 hectares (approximately 1,672 acres) for 7,000 animals and 3,000 serfs. Today, the village is made up of descendants of former slaves. To honor their ancestors, they built houses worthy of the finest mansions in Tibet and live in the same luxury of that aristocratic family. Their old shabby houses are considered as cultural relics. When you arrive in the village, it is difficult to distinguish the current manor houses.

Witness the Ancient Tibet

In addition to the typical architecture of the Tibetan aristocracy, the Pala manor provides much information about the lifestyles and human conditions of that time. Photo exhibits and objects of everyday life used by the families…all of these would vividly show you the life of a wealthy family in ancient time.


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    4 050M Altitude Pala Manor
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