Mount Cangyan and its hanging temple

Mount Cangyan Shijiazhuang Hebei
The Mount Cangyan in Hebei Province is an ideal place to relax during the day. The hanging temple between two mountain slopes is the main attraction of the site but the mountain has many other hidden treasures. To discover them, simply get lost in the nature trail of the park and create an adventure of your own.

Buddhism and Mount Cangyan

Summary: Mount Cangyan represents the eastern end of the Taihang massif. It is easily accessible from Shijiazhuang and is 85 kilometers from the mountain. Like many Chinese mountains, Mount Cangyan is associated with Buddhism and Taoism. In Chinese history, the Nanyang Princess during the Sui Dynasty would have become a nun and withdrawn to Mount Cangyan to do so. Since then and until now, many temples were built in various places in this huge park that is 63 kilometers squared.
Even today, these temples are accessible and many pilgrimers make the journey to Mount Cangyan to collect. The Fuqing Temple, where Princess Nanyang would have been a nun, is the main temple of the mountain.

Suspended Temple Mount Cangyan

The main attraction is also the Cangyanshan Temple suspended or Qiaoloudian in Chinese. Before becoming a temple, it was a bridge connecting two Mount Cangyan cliffs. This bridge is also one of the three most impressive temples in China suspended the in the Monastery of Hengshan so the visit is definitely worth it. It measures 15 meters long and 9 meters wide, but it doesn’t stop visitors from enjoying the experience.
From a distance, you would think that it isn’t bridge but a temple, which is why it was given the name of the suspended Temple Mount Cangyan. The temple, which largely occupies the length and width of the bridge is beautiful. Inside, it is possible to see three Buddha statues there.

Forest Cangyanshan

In this immense nature park, visitors can also admire a sandal tree and ancient cypress trees that are several hundreds of years old. The park's environment is enough to spend a day lost in the wilderness, far away from modernity. Along the paths, the green forest is intertwined with pagodas, rocks foreigners shapes and limpid springs.

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