Yujia Village ancient stone village

Yujia Village Shijiazhuang Hebei
Yujiacun stone village is a village in rural China. There, not much has changed in the past 500 years. Almost the entire village is made up of stone and blends perfectly with the local landscape. Life follows its course and the villagers continue to take care of their animals and fields. The scenery is quite enchanting.

Yujiacun Stone Village

Lost in the Chinese countryside, about sixty kilometers from Shijiazhuang, the ancient Yujiacun stone village provides deep immersion in China. For over 500 years people settled as farmers in this remote area of the world. Similar to many places in China, people use available materials to build their homes. A Yujiacun is a stone that was available at that time. Thus, the village was built in stone, which is why the village of Yujiacun is dubbed the "stone village" or shitoucun in Chinese.

A village in rural China

After more than 500 years this village has not changed. Some people have changed some things in their homes but the village remains largely made of stone. The houses, walls and even paving stones are genuine! The Yujiacun stone village is mainly composed of farmers caring for their herd of cattle and vegetable fields. Suffice it to say, not much has changed. Difficult living conditions are visible everywhere. 

Do not miss Yujiacun Stone Village

During a trip to the Yujiacun stone village, you should not miss the largest stone house, the Sihelouyuan or court to four buildings. This immense stone house was built in the late Ming Dynasty and includes about 100 pieces on almost 1,000 meters squared.
During the walk through the Yujiacun stone village, a stop is mandatory in Shenxiange also called Qingliangge. Probably the most important monument of the village this house dates back to 1581. According to a legend, a young man wanted to build extraordinary architecture by himself, particularly a 9-story stone building. Injuring themselves during the construction of the 2nd floor, it ultimately could not be completed and the villagers later added a third wooden floor. What makes the originality of the Qingliangge flag is that it was built without any foundation so it is simply built on large rocks. It is also possible to visit a small museum nearby if you’d like to learn more about the history of the stone village.

One night of authenticity

For travelers who are in search of authenticity, Yujiacun stone town will be the perfect choice for you. You can spend the night in a common village inn. We should note, however, that conditions are very basic. The beds have no mattresses like western style beds but instead are that of traditional Chinese peasants. These beds are typically hard beds that are heated in the winter. Blankets are of course made available to soften the bed and cover.

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