Suzhou Museum work of architect I.M.Pei

Suzhou Museum Suzhou Jiangsu
The Suzhou Museum is worth visiting not only for the impressive and rare collections of Chinese art, but also for the building itself. Inspired by the Chinese classical gardens, you could almost experience the beauty of Suzhou classical gardens while you visit the Suzhou museum.

Rare Collection of Suzhou Museum 

Like many other museums in China, Suzhou Museum houses an impressive collection of artworks dating from different dynasties. With an exhibition are of more than 3600m², visitors can discover more than 30,000 pieces of cultural objects, which cover the Chinese painting and calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics, clothing and so on. Much more complete than most museums of this type, Suzhou Museum takes visitors to have a journey from prehistory to the present. Many exhibits are unique and considerable importance for the history of China. Among its treasures, note for the example of the relics of the vanished Wu kingdom or a miniature pagoda made of gold and jade beads.

A Traditional but Modern Architecture

Suzhou Museum was founded in 1960 in the former residence of Li Xiucheng, near the Humble Administrator´s Garden. But the current building actually dates from 2006. In fact, in 2001, the architect I.M.Pei designed the new and modern museum building with the style of a Chinese classical garden which showrooms often have windows for visitors to enjoy the garden outside and the rare treasures in room at the same time. Actually, I.M.Pei was inspired by the local habitat and Chinese architectural traditions to create a modern building which offers serenity and fullness to visitors.

The Architect Ioeh Ming Pei 

The Chinese-American architect, Pritzker Prize winner, probably seldom hears his name but his works are well known. Among them, there are the skyscrapers of the Bank of China in Hong Kong and the pyramid of the Louvre in Paris!

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