Suzhou Silk Factory No.1 Silk Factory

Suzhou Silk Factory Suzhou Jiangsu
The manufacture of silk is a Chinese millenary technique that comes straight out of a fairy tale. This amazing technique is presented vividly in the Silk Factory Suzhou. You will see the whole process of creation from the breeding of silkworms to weaving of sumptuous clothes.

The No.1 Silk Factory 

Suzhou is particularly renowned for the manufacture of silk. Although the technique is widespread in the whole China, Suzhou factories are still very famous. The No.1 Silk Factory Suzhou is a living example of the manufacture of silk from the silkworm to the creation of the tissue´s museum. Machinery from 1980 has been kept and provides a representation of those used before the standardization and replacement of labor. We can observe workers spinning silk and create duvets or expensive clothes.

Story of the Origin of Silk 

How was silk discovered? According to a popular legend, a princess took her tea to a terrace when a cocoon fell into her cup. Wanting to leave, she clung to it with her fingernail and then pulled silk from the cocoon. Silk was discovered!  It would have happened almost 3000 years ago, the Chinese have managed to keep the secret of manufacturing the fabric. It would be the princess who had married a prince in central Asian and told the manufacture to the prince and silk then become popular all over the world.

An Incredible Technique 

Who would have imagined that a small worm that feeds on mulberry leaves could create such a fabric as silk!  A simple silkworm unwinds as a ball of wool and pulls a wire´s length of 1500 meters! It takes 3,500 to 4,500 meters for one gram of silk. This is then used to create a good quilt clothes for the summer.

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