Tiger Hill cloud rock leaning pagoda and bonsai garden

Tiger Hill Suzhou Jiangsu
It is in this peaceful park where Tiger Hill lies in the famous tower of Chinese Pisa, a beautiful assortment of Cloud Rock Temple. Renowned throughout China, this hill is also the source of many legends involving an emperor, swords and a white tiger. But the hill is also a resting place, a shady park which contains a large collection of bonsai.

Cloud Rock Leaning Pagoda 

The Tiger Hill is famous throughout China for its Cloud Rock Leaning Pagoda. This Pagoda was built in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period but would consider making much more tilted later. The summit has now shifted more than two meters to the north! Considered by the famous poet Su Dongpo as one of the must-see sights of the city, the pagoda has become the symbol of Suzhou.

The Legend of Tiger Hill  

This small artificial hill that is 36 meters high houses the tomb of the Emperor of Wu, Helu. Built by his son, this tomb contains the remains of the former emperor and would be protected by 3000 swords. Indeed, the entrance to the tomb would be in a basin, the basin with swords, but even when it was dry, we could not discover the swords. It is said three days after the burial of the Emperor; a white tiger would arise and would have remained near the pool guard. The name of the hill had come to be quite unexpected. The tomb itself would be under the famous Cloud Rock Leaning Pagoda (Yunyan Ta). Some say that the location of the grave explains the leaning side of the pagoda. But nothing has ever been proven.

The Bonsai Garden

The Tiger Hill is made of several parts. There are Cloud Rock Leaning Pagoda, the Swords Pool and a large park. But there is also the villa of Wanjing which contains almost 500 pots of bonsais. The visitors can walk among these miniature trees and enjoy this very special garden art. It is a forest that opens to the visitor. Some of these bonsai have strange shapes and can reach the size of a shrub.

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    5M Altitude Tiger Hill
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