Dai Temple Tai'an Shandong
The Dai Temple Tai'an is one of four most famous of China's oldest buildings. The temple's yellow tiles, sumptuous frescoes, statues and engravings delight visitors.

Imperial Temple

The Dai Temple, located north of the city of Tai'an, is usually the starting point for pilgrimages of Mount Tai. Built in the Han Dynasty, 206 BC to AD-220, this temple is dedicated to the god of Mount Taishan. This is where the emperors would come to pray to god and offer sacrifices for heaven and earth. Initially, the temple was quite simple but was enlarged during the prosperous Tang and the Song dynasties between the tenth and thirteenth century. With architecture comparable to that of the Imperial Palace, the Dai Temple is considered one of the four most famous Chinese ancient buildings. Reserved for the emperor, the temple boasted yellow tiles, splendid sculptures, and frescoes worthy of the greatest Chinese palace.

Tiankuang Room

The heart of the Dai Temple is located in the room Tiankuang. Built in 1009 this building with yellow tiles contains a majestic statue of the god of Taishan... But above all, the mural painted on the western and northern walls are noteworthy. This 3 meters high and 62 meters long mural depicts the god of Taishan in the form of the Emperor Zhenzong.

Other Important Places

The Ark of the temple, located not far from the entrance, always impresses visitors. Built in 1672, it measures 12 meters high and 10 meters wide. It has elaborate engravings on the columns and roof of dragons, phoenixes, and calligraphy in honor of the god of Taishan. The yard houses five gnarled cypress that were planted by Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty. The bonsai garden and the forest of steles may appeal to some while others may take interest in the ingenuity of the bronze flag and iron tower.

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