Sunrise of the Mount Tai

Sunrise of the Mount Tai Tai'an Shandong
One of the most beautiful spots of Mount Tai is the sunrise from the summit. We can admire the sea of clouds or the clear valley. The view brings on an intense feeling of infinity and immortality.

A Stunning View

The ascent of Mount Tai is an opportunity to make a pilgrimage or to admire beautiful landscapes. And, for the most beautiful mountain scenery, nothing beats the sunrise. In Chinese tradition, many pilgrims begin the ascent at 2am to get to the top a few hours later and watch the sunrise. For those who want to see the sunrise without having to climb in the dark with flashlights and miss the beautiful scenery on the way, they should spend the night at the top. By hiking during the day and spending the night at the summit, it is possible to see both the sunset in the evening and the sunrise in the morning. At the top, the sea of clouds around the temple of the Jade Emperor is remarkable. If the weather is clear, the view extends to the coast, 200 km to the east!

A gentle descent

The descent is gentle often crosses with an asphalt road which may spoil the descent experience a little. Buses are also available if needed. 

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  • Altitude

    153M Altitude Sunrise of the Mount Tai
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