Fuxi Temple Tianshui Gansu
The Fuxi Temple is often more like a palace than a temple. With its many courtyards, porticoes and rooms, everything here encourages serenity and adoration of Fuxi, mythological figure supposed to be one of the ancestors of the Chinese people. He would also be responsible for many activities as well as the eight trigrams, the foundation of Taoism and the Yi Jing.

Legend of Fuxi

You've probably never heard of Fuxi and yet all the Chinese know him. When you hear his story, you think of a mixture of Noah's Ark and Adam and Eve. Several versions exist, but the two points that each version agrees are that he would be sent to heaven to stop a huge flood that destroyed the world. Then he would have married his sister to repopulate the world. But these are just legends. And all of this would have happened in Tianshui City, formerly known as the Chenji. This then explains that a temple was erected in his honor and it was busy on the anniversary of Fuxi, the 16th day after Chinese New Year.

The Fuxi Temple

At the peak of the temple, it spanned about 13 000 square meters but it now covers more than 6600 square meters. This doesn't prevent it to be equally resplendent with its halls and courtyards. Representations of Fuxi are quite special because they are in a more Western style than Chinese style. We find everywhere the symbol of the eight trigrams which he was the author. The main hall is resplendent with statues of deities, sculpted wood and its ceiling. The index number represents the 64 hexagrams possible according to the various combinations of the eight trigrams used in the Yi Jing.

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    1 100M Altitude Fuxi Temple
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