Astana-karakhoja Ancient tombs

Astana-karakhoja Ancient tombs Turpan Xinjiang
Astana Ancient Tombs are the tombs of the Chinese people who lived in the ancient city of Gaochang more than 1,000 years ago. The few graves showcase the Chinese presence at the time and the Manichaean religion. The natural mummies are absolutely a main attraction in one of the cemetery.

Chinese Cemetery

Although the region is composed of different peoples, most of the remains found in the huge cemetery of 1,000 graves are mainly Chinese. Works found indoors and the organization of the tomb corresponding to the Chinese style is found in the Hexi Corridor. The tombs are accessible by a small long passage from 4 to 10 meters. Inside, the room is quite small with a flat ceiling or dome cases. The Chinese people who had settled in the ancient city of Gaochang between Third and Eighth century were buried here.

Ritual of Manichaeism

The discoveries made at the opening of 350 tombs have allowed us to understand the rituals of the religion of the time, Manichaeism (now disappeared). Believing in life after death, the deceased were buried with objects allowing them to start a new life: gold coins on the eyes, fruits, art, everyday objects...

Natural Mummies

There are two mummies presented in one of three caves open to the public. At the time, the dead were wrapped in silk before being generally placed in a coffin. Due to the climate of the region, the bodies were then naturally transformed into mummies. Other objects are presented in the other two tombs, as well as silks and interesting paintings. These are main attractions of this site.

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