Old town of Turpan encounters with the locals in the bazaar

Old town of Turpan Turpan Xinjiang
As former commercial hub, the old town of Turpan boasts a mixture of cultures, ethnic backgrounds and ancient religions. The main minority group still practices Islam, which can be experienced by visiting their mosques and their lively bazaars. Here, one can truly feel the typical atmosphere of a city on the Silk Road.

A Plural Combination of Culture

In the oldest part of Turpan (Turfan), most of the houses and mosques date back to the 13th century. In this place where China meets Central Asia, people and religion differ from Han culture. The bazaar of the city reveals typical spices from the Middle East. The locals will probably enable you to think about Turks and mosques with their minaret giving you the impression of being in Afghanistan. Here, the crossroads mark the mixture of ethnicities, cultures, religions to form a beautiful multicolored environment.

An Active Bazaar  

In this oasis city, the bustling Bazaar offer visitors a brand-new experience. There is such a variety of goods to see. It isn't only the spices that attract passers-by, but also medicinal potions, Uyghur specialties, tools of daily life in this region, clothes and so much more.

Dozens of Mosques

The old town of Turpan is part of the Xinjiang region, where the main ethnic group happens to be Muslim. Thus, the city abounds in mosques. Some are very simple and blend into the landscape. To visit a religious place, some rules are still to be followed, so do not wear clothes hanging above the knee and have arms covered.



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