Gegentala Mongolian Grasslands

Gegentala Ulanqab Inner Mongolia
The green meadows of Gegentala are an unparalleled sight when it comes to touch the clear blue sky on the horizon. A night in the traditional Mongolian yurt is intensified with the fun of more activities organized during the Naadam festival and horseback riding. Prepare to experience a complete immersion in the culture of Mongolian nomads.

Summer green grassland

A trip to Inner Mongolia is not complete without going into one of its prairies. These beautiful stretches of pasture extend several hundred meters. The three main grasslands in the region are Xilamuren, Huitengxile and Gegentala. Located 145 km from the capital, they are a good compromise between the rather touristy Xilamuren and those furthest from Huitengxile.
In Mongolian “Gegentala” means “clear pasture” and the best season to enjoy these clear pastured, lush green meadows is in the summer. After this period, the grasslands change color, as dry grass and lakes become small swamps. Once in the steppes of Gegentala, green hills and flat valleys extend to the horizon. These emerald meadows offer unparalleled performance when they hit the clear blue sky.

An adventure

To allow visitors to enjoy to the maximum the culture and traditions of the Mongols, small villages have been built to accommodate the adventurous. Mongolian ceremony is performed on arrival in the villages of Mongolian yurts and visitors can easily participate. Lost in nature experience, prairies are the perfect place to ride and navigate the vast grasslands such real Mongolian. The village also organizes horse races to assess the quality of these horses a smaller than average size. Mongolian wrestling is also on the agenda and it is not reserved only for Mongolian. Visitors take pleasure in spending the holding and test their skills in this combat sport quite particular. A demonstration of archery is also organized. The visitor will have attended the same activities as when Naadam, the most important festival in the Mongolian festival calendar.

Mongolian yurts

Whether you are adventurous or looking for a little comfort, you can spend the night in a Mongolian yurt. These homes are very special and typical nomads in the steppes. They are composed of a main room where a family eats and sleeps on a wooden floor covered with carpet.
For people looking for a little more comfort, but therefore less authentic, more modern yurts are also available. They even have their own bathroom.

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