Huitengxile Mongolian grasslands

Huitengxile Ulanqab Inner Mongolia
If you desire an immersion in a totally different culture, this excursion is for you. The grasslands of Huitengxile are farthest from the Inner Mongolia's capital and offer a truly extraordinary experience. There are an array of opportunities to engage in exciting activities and witness a variety of the cultural marvels at Huitengxile Grassland, such as enjoying accommodations in traditional yurts of Inner Mongolia and experiencing an overview of the Mongolian festivals. To top it off, there is a stunning view of the area's popular meadows, which extend to almost 1800 meters altitude out of sight.

Reaching New Heights

A trip to Inner Mongolia is not complete without exploring its grasslands, as these stretches of beautiful pasture amazingly extend out several hundred meters. The three main grasslands in the region are Gegentala, Xilamuren and Huitengxile. The latter is the most distant of the three from the capital and is least “touristy”. The splendid landscape of meadows where horses and sheep graze is shared with hundreds of wind turbines making the second largest wind farm in China. Located at an altitude of 1800 meters, the steppes of the Mongolian plateau are known for their colder temperatures due to their height in elevation. The weather is coldest in the winter, so the steppes in the summer are the best for allowing an escape from the sweltering heat of the cities to enjoy a bit of freshness.

An animated journey

To allow visitors to maximize their enjoyment of the culture and traditions of the Mongols, small villages have been built to accommodate those who are ready for adventure. A Mongolian ceremony is performed upon arrival in the villages of Mongolian yurts. Visitors are welcome to join in on the experience. After being welcomed, feel free to enjoy the natural settings of the area. Prairies are the perfect place to horseback ride and navigate the vast grasslands like a real Mongolian nomad. The local villages even organize horse races to assess the abilities of their horses. Mongolian wrestling is also on the program and it is not reserved only for Mongolian residents. Visitors are able to take pleasure in testing their skills in this combat sport as well.

Mongolian yurts 

Whether you are adventurous or looking for a little comfort, you can spend the night in a Mongolian yurt. These homes are very special and typical of living quarters for nomads in the steppes. They are composed of a main room where a family eats and sleeps on a wooden floor covered with carpet. For people who request a little more comfort, but therefore less authentic, more modern yurts are also available. They even have their own bathroom.

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    1 378M Altitude Huitengxile
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