Erdaoqiao market largest bazaar in the Xinjiang

Erdaoqiao market Urumqi Xinjiang
The Erdaoqiao market is undoubtedly the largest bazaar in Xinjiang. Specializing in manufacturing Uygur products it is the perfect place to simply stroll among local. You will be flooded by products of the Uighur minority out of sight.

A Special Market

It has been over 130 years since the Erdaoqiao market established in Urumqi. Therefore, it becomes an important commercial center where all kinds of products are sold. But above all, this market is reputed to be one of the few places specializing in the sale of only objects of local ethnicity. Extending over 330 meters long, this colorful bazaar offers traditional food and handicrafts. You can just window shopping or can haggle to get some souvenirs. The golden rule is to reduce by one third the price!

A New Part

In 2001, a more modern part is established in the old market. Today, the two bazaars combined reserve 35,000 m² for the sale of more than 1,600 Uighur products! The new part is a commercial center with modern architecture and the presence of international retailers not far away.

An Evening Experience

The Erdaoqiao market is best visited in the evening. So lanterns illuminate driveways filled with traditional clothes, dried fruit, jewelry, handicrafts ... The Street musicians are here at this time and they will play a few pieces with different instruments.

  • Best time to visit

    Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. 
  • Altitude

    800M Altitude Erdaoqiao market
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