Dongguan Mosque

Dongguan Mosque Xining Qinghai
The Dongguan Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the northwest of China. Located in the heart of bustling Muslim quarter, it is a wonderful mixture of Chinese and Islamic architecture. There are thousands of pilgrims who gather inside the prayer hall and in the court room on holy day. This is an event not to be missed on your trip to Xining.

The Largest Mosque in Qinghai

The Dongguan mosque, located in the heart of Xining, is the largest one of the entire province of Qinghai. Indeed, Xining need a complex of this size since 25% of its population is Muslim!
Built in 1380, this mosque is more than 600 years old. Located on the Silk Road, it contains a mixture of Chinese and Islamic architecture that blends beautifully. The Prayer Hall is more than 1,100m² and can accommodate up to 3,000 people. On Holy day, especially on Friday, the room is stuffed with pilgrims that even the inner courtyard of the mosque is packed with crowdes. Non-Muslim visitors may enter the allowed court with proper dressing; the Prayer Hall and some other parts of the mosque are closed to the public.

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    2 260M Altitude Dongguan Mosque
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