Ganlanba Dai Cultural Park

Ganlanba Dai Cultural Park Xishuangbanna Yunnan
The Ganlanba Dai Cultural Park is a good destination to discover Dai people's customs, traditions and lifestyles. Consisting of several villages, the architecture is traditional. There are even houses made of bamboo complement surrounded by exotic trees. The local population, living on tourism, takes part in activities to show their culture.

Olive Grove

Thirty kilometers away from Jinghong located Ganlanba and its famous Dai Cultural Park. Ganlanba actually consists of a small number of villages of the Dai ethnic minority, which is well-presented in the region. This group of villages forms an olive thus earned its nickname “Olive grove”. Although this cultural park has been set up for tourists, this does not preclude an incredible experience. For those who don't want to rent bicycles to explore the area themselves, there is always an alternative. One could not only discover Dai architecture here in Ganlanba but also to take part in their customs and learn their lifestyle that has been very well preserved in this remote region of China.

Dai Cultural Park

Around Ganlanba, there are about 64 Dai ethnic villages. The park, meanwhile, includes only a small number of these villages. Among other things, it included the village of Manting with its splendid Buddhist temple and Dai pagoda, which is more than 5 meters in height. These villages are quite typical of the Dai culture. Traditional houses are a beauty in the midst of this unique natural setting where coconut, mango, lychee, and many other exotic trees intermingle.

Dai Houses

The Dai have a clean architecture. these houses made of bamboo are worth visiting. Dai build houses, in general, two floors with great finesse. The ground floor consists of wooden columns that support the second floor. This gives the impression of hanging houses. A wooden ladder gives access to the upper floor, which are two meters high. According to the Dai, this particular type of construction would allow the circulation of air and thereby prevent heat getting trapped. Each house is located in a spacious courtyard, and all the houses give a sense of calm and freedom.

The Water-sprinkling Festival

The Dai Water festival takes place once a year. The tradition is to throw water on anybody while dancing and singing. It is really exciting. To give visitors the chance to discover these rare traditions, the Dai Cultural Park organizes these ceremonies every day. The visitor can take part in the festivities, bathe in fountains and enjoy the specialties of the Dai. The Dai people then place their feet in the fountain to enjoy the flow of water from washbasins.

Night Show

In the late afternoon, it is recommended to attend a traditional dances and songs show, inspired by the Mengbala Naxi. In an open-air theater, the largest in Yunnan, members of Dai ethnic group offer visitors the opportunity to discover their arts. Dancing of peacocks is well known, as well as fish. Costumes, lighting effects, music and songs make this show unforgettable.

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