Yulong River Bamboo Rafting traditional bamboo raft

Yulong River Bamboo Rafting Yangshuo Guangxi
Walking or Biking to Dragon Bridge to enjoy the scenery along the way is wonderful. But is it better to enjoy the river view by taking Yulong River bamboo rafting? The landscapes along the banks will make you speechless.

The Most Typical Bamboo Raft in Yangshuo 

This bamboo rafting is different from others offered in the region for two reasons. The cruise takes place on another branch of the Li River while others are all available on the main river. Cruise on the Yulong River, you´ll have a much different view and will be much easeful. In addition, other cruises are organized on a tourist boat or on plastic and engine-driven bamboo rafts. On the Yulong River, rafts are much more original and are made of bamboo and human-driven. Although the engine noise is minimal while cruise on Li River, cruise even more charm to this traditional bamboo rafts. For an hour and a half of splendor, be sure to choose your partner because the boats are only for two people.

A Bike Ride combines the Bamboo Rafting

The cruise starts from Dragon Bridge, a few kilometers outside Yangshuo. This bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Yangshuo, with 400 years of history. To get to the start of the cruise, it is often proposed that a bike ride. The ride will pass through small local villages and rice fields. Here is the most charming and less touristy than the usually Moon Hill hike. After the cruise, the bikes have been taken to the dock and you can continue the ride in a different landscape.

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  • Altitude

    111M Altitude Yulong River Bamboo Rafting
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