Grand Buddha Temple

Grand Buddha Temple Zhangye Gansu
The Grand Buddha Temple is aptly named. It houses an impressive statue of the reclining Buddha Sakyamuni. Measuring 35 meters long, visitors still marvel at the unexpected size for a statue located inside a temple. Approaching a bit, then we have the feeling of being tiny at the beauty of the sculptural art.

You haven't visited Zhangye while you haven't been to the Grand Buddha Temple. Inside the temple, there keeps a beautiful statue of reclining Sakyamuni. On a raised platform, offers to visitors the longest Buddha statue inside. With 35 meters long, it is not expected to see such a sculpture inside temple. This beautiful Buddha is surrounded by clay arhats and murals but less extraordinary than the statue itself. The wooden buildings of the temple, although poor in location, are among the few in the country.

  • Best time to visit

    May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. 
  • Altitude

    3 000M Altitude Grand Buddha Temple
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