Mati Temple Grottoes temple embedded in the cliff

Mati Temple Grottoes Zhangye Gansu
In a natural setting, the Mati Temple Grottoes are embedded in the cliff in an impressive manner. The temple is almost invisible at first, in fact, it is the rock. Dedicated to the worship of the Buddha, frescoes and sculptures housed inside the cliff add a spiritual character instead. But the feeling is even stronger in amount in the floors and then discovers the offered panorama.

Temple and Grottoes

65 kilometers from Zhangye is a complex of unique caves, the Mati Temple Grottoes. Along a cliff, the temple is made ​​of different caves on several floors. Only a few windows and aisles are noticed on the side of the cliff. Makes you wonder how artists manage to build such a building there is more than 1600 years ago! These Buddhist caves depict a lovely way the spread of this religion via the Silk Road to China. Matisi is indeed one of the first places where the monks from abroad settled to preach Buddhism. The caves were used as altars to pray to Buddha for refuge but also for traders taking this legendary road.

Spiritual Series

Although the Mati Temple Grottos less known than other similar sites, Mati Temple Grottoes remain a unique sanctuary for more than 1,000 years of devotion to the Buddha through sculptures and paintings. A freshness of the rock are preserved more than 500 Buddha statues and frescoes of 1200 m²! It is hard to believe that there is as much space as they approached the temple. By mounting the upper floors, there is a view of the surrounding plains and mountains on the horizon. The spirituality that places are expresses so completely and we can understand why this place was chosen for the worship of the Buddha.

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  • Altitude

    3 000M Altitude Mati Temple Grottoes
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